Winner – Dr Karim accepts the challenge and goes on the Hall of Fame – Tomorrow!

//Winner – Dr Karim accepts the challenge and goes on the Hall of Fame – Tomorrow!

Very excited to be performing a 7 mile laser test across the Medway near London tomorrow with an astro cosmologist – Dr Karim who I will post about more when I have come back.

We will also be sitting down and discussing Flat Earth tomorrow in a friendly relaxed setting and also being filmed by a documentary film maker (Nicholas and Josh) who have kindly set this meeting up to document the discussion which I am very grateful for.

I’m already therefore very happy to declare the first scientist that has made the hall of fame!

I will be adding a copy of the interview to the news soon when the film is done and will post the shorthand version of this event soon too.

If you know a scientist who you would like to challenge to prove the globe then please get in touch.

We can organise someone from the Flat Earth community to witness and discuss the topic with your scientist at the event and we can then add them to the Hall of Shame if they refuse to take part or ignore you after a few attempts of contacting.

Please feel free to share this video with your scientific friends and contacts to come to the table and provide proof of a globe.

Our recommendation is to use Skype and record the session – we can do this with you and for you.
Failing that a face to face session – please make sure you record the event and send us the footage.

We very much look forward to hearing from you soon

Best wishes


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