Flat Earther versus Astro Cosmologist – The Result

//Flat Earther versus Astro Cosmologist – The Result

On 29th August I met up with Dr Karim Malik who was willing to participate in a mini documentary that I am featuring in with documentary film makers Nicholas Kertesz who has been working with me since June.


Dr Karim was very gracious and patient with the day we shot the film as we attempted a laser experiment first across the Medway in Kent.

There then followed a discussion in which I put forward the most compelling proofs we do not live on a spinning ball. Like

  1. The long distance photograph 275 miles with 3 miles of missing curvature
  2. The vacuum of space being capable of beating gravity and therefore should pull the atmoshphere off the globe
  3. Astrolabes still working before , during and even today despite the heliocentric idea
  4. The thermosphere temperature being 2000 deg C where the spacecraft would all melt in this temp
  5. The cooling nature of moon light
  6. The horizon rising to meet the eye level
  7. The Van Allen belts – deadly or not deadly?
  8. Water’s property to seek and find its own level and impossibility of the water sticking to the underside of a ball
  9. Spinning of the globe – Michelson Morley, Aries Failure and plane flights being impossible north to south with mach 1.2 speeds
  10. Parallax of the north star with all the movements

He wasn’t aware of any of these proofs or the information a flat earther typcially comes armed with so I cant be too harsh , but he didn’t know about the thermosphere, the astrolabe in detail, nor the contradictions we all see so clearly as flat earthers.

I would welcome another conversation in a less staged environment , and in fact, when we returned back to London on the same train I managed to share some NASA images and the Lem Lunar take off footage and I believe he recognised this was fake. It would be good to understand what he thought after the event and whether he will now look into the material.

Here is a vlog of the day – please do use this website as a challenge to a scientist near you , and if you need any help setting up a presentation – then please get in touch, I would love to help you.



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