Astronomer with Science Degree from Hatfield University

//Astronomer with Science Degree from Hatfield University

I was approached by Keith Hutton who had recently started watching Sun and Moon Family United Youtube channel

He reached out to me by email and mentioned that he’d like to address some points of the presentation shared on my youtube channel which I’d been able to walk through my last Astro Cosmologist Dr Karim last month.

Keith surprised me that he agreed on all but 2 slides.

He agreed that NASA has lied and the helio centric model has many problems. He shared all my positions except maybe the outer atmosphere physics, which I am grateful and I will examine these aspects more.

Here is the record of our conversation on video

I would like to thank Keith for reaching out, Karen, Astral and Patricia for running their Sun and Moon Family United channel and asking me on where Keith was watching.



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